Jarvis Delahey Contractors

About - Values



• Our commitment to safety to the community and our employees.  We have upheld an outstanding safety record and continue to provide our employees with a safe workplace and the community who utilise the worksite.  We work hard to maintain this record adhering to the safety guidelines of JDC and the Health & Safety Regulations.  

• Our commitment to honesty and integrity.  We are open and honest sustaining a clear communication path with all stakeholders. We work collaboratively with local governments, developers, engineers, and the community to provide outstanding results.  

• Our commitment to our clients in delivering each project on time, on budget and with the best possible outcome.  We continually strive to improve our services and result, providing solutions, guidance and advice.  We take a lot of pride in our finished projects and continue to improve on desired expectations.  

• Our commitment to our long term relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and stakeholders developed over the past 14 years.  These relationships have allowed us to expand our range of services to our clients and meet the desired outcome on projects.    

• Our commitment to protecting the environment. We have adopted a comprehensive environmental management system and regularly provide information and training to our employees on projects that are environmentally critical and in environmentally sensitive areas.

• Our commitment to the continued training of our employees.  We employ a dedicated hard working team.  They are the core of our continued success.  We ardently encourage training opportunities and further development of our staff and their long term future.